“If you have a choice, make the right choice”

A pioneer in the industry, ACBC adopts various regenerated waste materials to manufacture amazing looking and functional shoes. The brand’s name ACBC refers to Anything Can Be Changed, the motto of co-founders Gio Giacobbe and Riccardo Aragona.

During his career in high fashion, Gio witnessed the enormous amount of waste the industry generated.



What does ACBC stand for?


 “If you have the choice, make the choice.”


Usually, when a brand is trying to create a product, they start off by designing and then gather material needed. However, ACBC builds their shoes in a different way: they first look into the sustainable material that they have, and then they design according to the material they own. This is a revolutionary way to enjoy creativity, novelty and reduce waste at the same time.


 “Human is individual, but we have to do a step. Sustainability is something for yourself and the community.”



“It’s very important for us to increase the level of sustainability every time.”


ACBC was one of the brands that were featured at the WASTE IS VALUE exhibition at IFC Mall, Hong Kong, in July 2021. Will this creative, cool AND waste-treasuring brand turn around the perception of sustainable brands in Hong Kong …


ACBC was founded in Milan in 2017 and is the first Italian footwear company certified B Corp officially.

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