Complete the dotted line : From Copenhagen to Gujarat

Sara Emilie Terp, a fashion student from Central St. Martins in London was fascinated with India’s one-of-a-kind local craftsmanship ended up working with her former project NGO partner Khamir, to create Casc8, a brand proposing fabulous handbags made from plastic bags.


“The most important message of Casc8 is to combine socio-economic initiative and the design world.”


The emergence of Casc8's naming: 


Casc8 is not only a brand for bags, but a socio-economic initiative. It all started with a group of highly skilled women in India who find a way to transform one of the overflowing plastic waste into a lasting material. Sara then designs and ships the plastic upcycled sheets textile to Italy and made them into bags in Verona.


The trigger: 




“I have never thought sustainability was just a trend.”


This project generates income for local communities from collecting the plastic to weaving it. The project also preserves and promotes unique craftsmanship and give it exposure and recognition on the international stage.


Why Gujarat




“We want to connect all these dots that perhaps have not been seen in the fashion and design world.”


Check out our blog on the exhibition!


Casc8 was founded in Copenhagen in 2018. Sara Emilie Terp is the Founder and Creative Director of Casc8. 

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