Rossana Orlandi's Guiltless Prize Exhibition Highlights

Exhibition Highlights!

ACBC - ultimate vegan comfortable mindful shoes.

ANGUS TSUI - futuristic Fashion & vision designs.

BELO - eco-chic handbags and accessories.

CARLOTHA RAY - handcrafted sustainable footwear.

CASC8 - hand woven refined and high quality bags.

COMFORT ZONE - conscious skin science from Davines Village in Parma, Italy.

EMECO - extraordinarily strong reinvented chairs.

HARAM - upcycled sneakers transformed into exciting wear.

NOMA - French recycled and bio-sourced materials high-end furniture and objects editors and designers.

100Percent is now giving you access to many sustainable options from around the world!

Some ethical brands were introduced at the exhibition WASTE IS VALUE by Rossana Orlandi earlier in July 2021, at the IFC Oval Atrium, Central-Hong Kong. The exhibition was a unique showcase of art and design pieces made of waste or upcycled materials, with the theme of 'Sustainability and Innovation' at the 45th Anniversary of Henderson Land featuring Rossana Orlandi’s debut exhibition in Asia.

Rossana Orlandi is a renowned pioneer in design with sustainability from Milan and was recently named one of the 100 key game-changers in the world by prestigious AD Italia Magazine. She curated all 45 art and design pieces in the exhibition, showcasing how waste can be transformed into practical items that are absolutely beautiful. The exhibition aims to inspire the world to find new meaning in waste and upcycled materials while protecting the environment. For her debut exhibition in Asia, Rossana Orlandi wanted to elevate awareness on how to minimize waste. She stated that, “plastic is not the problem; in our daily lives, there are plastics everywhere. However, we need to change the way we treat it. There are wiser and more innovative ways to re-use plastic, such as smart designs.” She also has a mission in mind that “by bringing this exhibition to Hong Kong, (she) would also like to invite designers and any creative minds in Asia to join the competition. Together, we can help future generations to embrace sustainability.” In 2018, her international project RoGUILTLESSPLASTIC aimed to involve creatives, all over the world, to reuse, recycle and upcycle waste, not only plastic waste.

The underlying message of this exhibition, WASTE IS VALUE is to create awareness and to educate and influence different generations locally on acquiring responsible behaviours and showcasing ways to translate these attitudes into positive options on a daily basis.

100Percent will collaborate with partners globally not only to deliver the best products and sustainable brands, artisans, lifestyle and experiences, we also want to convey the message of living easily and affordably with a sustainable mindset.

Let’s “GO_100Percent”




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