Unearth the beauty garden of Parma

“We are a part of nature ourselves.”


In Parma, Italy, a scientific garden with more than 40 people dedicates to decrease the emission of CO2 and produce professional conscious skincare that respect soil and environment.

Since 1997, [ comfort zone ] is started by a family of chemist and pharmacists. It has been partnering with spas, hotels, and therapists all around the world. [ comfort zone ] is meticulous about their R&D and production process: It knows the supply chain well, respects and ensures safety to nature, including but not limited to during the extraction process. It takes at least 3 years to invest in each product (planning/ development/ production/ execution)


The philosophy of [ comfort zone ] 



The Sacred Nature: The CO2 Negative Product Line


Sustainability and care are part of the brand and the family culture, long before sustainability becomes the spotlight in the public. There are over 100 KPIs within the company to measure their progress precisely. Every year it measures on people, community, makes commitment, and breaks its own sustainability record. After launching the carbon negative series: The Sacred Nature, [ comfort zone ] is determined to become net zero by 2030.


What are the most difficult things about building and running a sustainable company?


“We really want them to enjoy the pleasure and benefits of applying their (customers') skincare.”


To [ comfort zone ], it is important to find its goals, constantly improve what it does, and educate the public at the same time. So far, its packaging is using fibre based or recycled plastic and 2% of its profit goes to proper collection of plastic in different countries. This is an act of commitment towards waste solutions.


Cover photo credit to Wallpaper: https://www.wallpaper.com/beauty-grooming/davines-sustainable-skincare-village-parma-italy

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