Welcome to the 100Percent Movement!

歡迎! Bienvenue! Namaste! 欢迎! Bienvenido! Salam! Shalom!

Welcome to 100Percent, a platform proposing the best alternatives for sustainable solutions for all your choices in living, sourced locally, and from around the planet!

100Percent was created when the founders explored and discovered innovative ideas from sustainability experts, leaders, friends and supporters, out of the Earth’s calling for an urgent change for necessity and realising the lack of appealing innovative, exciting and reliable solutions.

Sustainable opportunities have tremendously evolved in the last 10 years with propositions and ideas that are exciting, fashionable, attractive and innovative at the same time. We are fascinated and pleased to see that more and more people are engaging in deep and earnest research to find new materials, advanced technologies, and recycling techniques in order to live more responsibly. Yet, with easy access to excessive informative sources these days, we feel that more clarity is urgently needed, together with challenging thoughts. Hence the launch of 100Percent is to stimulate you to focus on a conscious shopping experience, which we can indulge, contribute, and learn to have a great impact to a more responsible lifestyle.

100Percent is launched first in Hong Kong to bring you the best options available of these sustainable products. With ethical brands, artisanship sourced “glocally”, 100Percent is committed to making positive choices. Every single brand is selected meticulously with an understanding of every owner’s vision and purpose. These fun, beautiful, and inspiring brands and products are picked on a multi-categorical well-rounded bases covering fashion for all ages; various types and styles of accessories (shoes, eyewears, jewelry,...); eco- beauty and wellness products, as well as durable furniture, sustainable tableware, delicious food, drinks, and more.

Each of our featured brands must align with 100Percent's 4 P’s CORE VALUES:

PRINCIPLES - value of authenticity, transparency, provenance, and animal welfare

PLANET - sustainable materials, biodegradable and zero-waste initiatives, recycling and upcycling, eco-energy saving, and carbon footprint

PEOPLE - positive impact on communities, social initiatives, ethically made, fair trade practice, embracing diversity and inclusivity

PROSPERITY - sustainable business models, responsible consumption and production, contribution to employment, circular economy 

100Percent invites you to embark on this journey with us. We believe that discovery, inspiration, and positive indulgence can lead to a sustainable and exciting future. We strive to develop awareness, education and deeper understandings about sustainability. We implement events, tutorials and most of all, surprises, so you will not miss out on any sustainable gems and creative ways to enjoy a more meaningful and happy life! We all can make a difference.

Let’s “GO_100Percent”!

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