When COFFEE is not in your cup...

It can also act as a base for this upcoming unisex sustainable beauty product line!



Where is coffee coming from?

There are different types of coffee beans (Coffea Arabica, Robusta, Liberica...). All are from the Rubiaceae family. They are grown for the seeds, or beans, which are roasted, ground, and usually sold for brewing coffee until Terre de Mars created an ultimate coffee based concoction.



Inspired by his grandmother, Poulad discovered the beauty secret of using coffee as the basis and main ingredient throughout the wide selection of pure cosmetics from Terre de Mars.

After researching and testing further, with different professional backgrounds, Poulad Djamali, Salem Ghezaili and Alexandre developed Terre de Mars as the first coffee-based unisex beauty brand, using coffee arabica grounds.


How did Terre de Mars start?


“They are very happy to find this solution.”

We all know that a minority of conscious people is not enough to make a major shift. Terre de Mars knows it as well. More and more hotels have been switching from using small amenities to Terre de Mars’s refillable conscious products.

By saving unnecessary resources, and a better waste and energy management, an optimal production can be generated, and more people can be led to a cleaner world. This is when Terre de Mars's sustainable approach can lead to a win-win-win result.


“There is no way to go around it.”

“Slowly, I think we will go into a fully sustainable world, where people even if they don’t want to, will have to in some ways adopt to this sustainable way of living, either it is by using an electric car or organic cosmetics.”


“I think it’s exactly the same philosophy we must have for our skin.”

Organic formulas for your skin are crucial to have a divine glow from within, on top of beneficial diet, good hydration and rest, non-solar exposure, healthy lifestyle  and genetic influences. 


Being the first global unisex brand of natural coffee-based skincare, Terre de Mars not only devotes in ensuring the quality and healthy benefits of the products, but it also pays detailed attention to the packaging, and design. It advocates that great design and effective formulas should come alongside with each other, without compromise.

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