Founded in 2014, with environmental Sustainability at the core, ANGUS TSUI designs are born from advocacy, creativity, and imagination. The design is known for its futuristic avant-garde expression with the purpose and passion to preserve the resources and environment in the background. Every piece is a journey through time and space and embodies an enlightening manifesto to protect the planet.

Angus Tsui is an award-winning local sustainable fashion designer brand founded in 2014.

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With environmental sustainability at the core, ANGUS TSUI designs are known for their futuristic, avant-garde, and otherworldly silhouettes.  Some of the clothing perfectly mixes Eastern and Western culture, like mixing Hong Kong and London style, and mixing futuristic designs with traditional Chinese opera clothing. The clothing utilizes the techniques of Upcycling, Eco-printing and Zero Waste, preventing further environmental pollution and hopes for a better future.

Angus Tsui sought to create a label that would advocate for and utilise environmental sustainability in every aspect of its design process—without compromising on aesthetic or quality.

Studying Fashion Design at Nottingham Trent University and Fashion Design and Development at the Hong Kong Design Institute, Tsui was inspired to bridge high fashion with sustainability. Working closely with up-cycling pioneers Orsola de Castro and Ada Zanditon in London, he learned the craft of sustainable design techniques and continues to incorporate these into his work today.



Angus Tsui is named the Top 100 Designers globally at the JOOR x NJAL 100 Project and received a Bronze Award at the 2017 DFA Design for Asia Awards. Tsui has also received the Common Objective Prize at the 2017 EcoChic Design Awards and the 2014 Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award.

Through collaborations with leading Hong Kong brands and companies such as Swire Properties, Cathay Pacific and H&M, Angus Tsui’s educational charity project ANCares coordinates workshops, seminars, and exhibitions on the topic of sustainability with NGOs such as St. James Settlement, Friends of the Earth, and Redress.

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