Originated from Copenhagen, Denmark, Casc8 (pronouced “cascade”) is established in 2018.  The Scandinavian label is using up-cycled plastic waste as a main material. The plastic waste is collected from the landscape and waste depots in Gujarat, India, as part of a socio-economic initiative by an Indian NGO organization, Khamir.

Casc8 incorporates conscious thinking into timeless design by supporting the Artisans, and ultimately turning waste into useful materials.

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CASC8 sets out to challenge the way we perceive materials. Born out of desire to be part of a positive contribution to the increasingly serious plastic waste reality around the globe. The label is collaborating with NGO organization, Khamir and with Artisans of Gujarat, India, transforming, and elevating plastic waste collected from the urban landscape, via a process of highly skilled craftsmanship, into a unique handwoven material.

It is a project that helps sustain the environmental ecology as well as the culture of local craftsmanship. The socio-economic initiative was started by local Artisan women who could see possibilities in transforming the easily available plastic waste into a material. The NGO employs them to process these waste materials from washing and cutting into strips to handweaving the up-cycled plastic into one of a kind colorful design.  No machines or electricity is being used in the whole process.  The Artisans weave the designs of CASC8 into the plastic upcycled sheets textile and made them into bags in Verona, Italy and from the Casc8 studio in Copenhagen. This enables the local Artisans to generate their own income from their highly skilled craftsmanship.

Together, united by different strengths, CASC8 has evolved the possibilities of the discarded material into new heights by crafting products, which benefits the enormous challenge of cleaning up the earth from an overload of plastic waste, while simultaneously creating quality products embracing functional and effortless elegance.

Behind the label is Danish Designer Sara Emilie Terp, who has worked with the Indian Artisans since her graduate collection from Central St. Martins in London, UK. Sara has previously worked for Céline and currently teaches at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.

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