[ comfort zone ]

[ comfort zone ]

“We need to rewrite the progress. A product has to be a part of the solution, instead of part of the problem: this means to embrace regeneration and revolutionize the way we formulate, select the ingredients, and design our ranges,” said Founder, Dr. Davide Bollati.  [ comfort zone ] brings a radical change with skincare that is not only effective and safe when it comes to regenerating the skin, but that also actively helps to regenerate the planet.

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Founder Dr. Davide Bollati understands that human impact has significantly altered 75% of the earth’s environment. Overpopulation of the planet and our consumption habits are annually eroding more natural resources than the Earth is able to produce and regenerate. With the launch of Sacred Nature, a clean, organic line with a strong focus on sustainability, the brand is contributing to mitigating the climate crisis.

The research for the active ingredients began in the Scientific Garden, at Davines Village in Parma, Italy - an open-air extension of the [ comfort zone ] laboratories - and has led to the creation of the Scientific Garden Extract™, a complex of three bio-fermented antioxidant extracts of myrtle, elderberry and pomegranate. These plants have been grown according to regenerative agriculture standards to fully respect nature’s cycles and promote CO2 sequestration in the soil. Regenerate the skin.

The bio-regenerative formulas for face and body, certified according to Cosmos Organic & Natural standards and EWG verified, also include specific biotechnological molecules for each product to defend the skin against environmental aggressors and stimulate cell renewal, ensuring optimal skin balance and resilience, as well as prolonged youth. The eco-design guarantees that this range is CO2 negative. This includes the cultivation of the resources, fully recyclable and sustainable components such as glass, metals and recycled paper, the production taking place in a carbon-neutral site with energy from renewable resources, and the proprietary Ethio Trees CO2 offsetting project. Finally, through the 1% for the Planet initiative, [ comfort zone ] donates 1% of proceeds from the sale of Sacred Nature to finance Ethio Trees, an project offsetting CO2 through reforestation and promoting social progress on the Tambien Highlands in Ethiopia.

Sacred Nature follows [ comfort zone ] conscious skin science approach and therefore is free from animal derivatives, silicones, parabens, mineral oil, artificial colorants, SLS and all products are COSMOS ORGANIC AND NATURAL CERTIFIED; EWG VERIFIED™ and SUITABLE FOR VEGANS.

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