Women’s beauty has forever been a work in progress in the aesthetic level. LE ROUGE FRANÇAIS enhances women's beauty with pigments derived from dye plants that have incredible biological properties. Technically speaking, these plant pigments gently adapt to each skin tone for a personalized result. Vegan and organic certified products, with pure formulas free of controversial ingredients, are being introduced and developed in France, without compromising the health sector. LE ROUGE FRANÇAIS is most definitely a new paradigm of natural cosmetics in line with today’s consumers expectations where luxury becomes beautiful, elegant and organic.

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Co-founder of LE ROUGE FRANÇAIS Elodie Carpentier said "When I was pregnant, I wanted to continue wearing my red lipstick, which gives me strength and seduction every day. I then became interested in formulations and the conclusion was quickly clear...I decided to start designing my own lipsticks with the purest ingredients available. Using plant-based pigments was an obvious choice, both for their coloring qualities and their incredible biological properties. With Salem, my husband, we decided to create Le Rouge Français with the strength, poetry and benefits of dye plants at the heart of each formula." With this insight in the brewing, Elodie created LE ROUGE FRANÇAIS which uses solely basic and natural ingredients in their products.

The Maison LE ROUGE FRANÇAIS is very attentive to packaging sustainability.  LE ROUGE FRANÇAIS is the first make-up brand to propose a bio-based lipstick case. Made with castor oil, it is sustainable and endlessly refillable. Also, the new eye collection is packed in a beautiful glass jar, infinitely recyclable and aligned with luxury codes. Their corolla packaging is FSC certified and printed with vegetal ink.

LE ROUGE FRANÇAIS also concerns the formulas used in their production. They source their vegetal pigments directly in their endemic country. For example, the red color of their lipsticks comes from the madder cultivated in Charente-Maritime in France, where it naturally grows. In fact, all their formulas are certified by most requiring international labels such as COSMOS, ECOCERT and PETA.

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