Loesia is an indie French cosmetic brand found in 2019 by Catherine Lam.  The brand’s philosophy is summed up by its name which comes from “poetry” a term that evokes sensitivity emotions feelings and gentleness.  Loesia wants to link beauty to well-being by creating products that respect nature and protect the environment. Loesia products are 100% natural, 68% organic, 0% chemical with no animal testing. Its ingredients are for the sole benefits on the skin.

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Loesia rediscovers the pleasure of making and cleaning you up naturally with serenity through cosmetics respectful of your skin and our planet without compromise on quality and all made in France.  Loesia lipstick is manufactured near Nogent Le Rotrou in the heart of French cosmetic valley and all made by hand and each item is unique which is why the appearance of the stick is not smooth as it is finished manually and without silicones.  The sticks are made with vegetable oils and the 3 main ingredients are grown in France and or Europe (depending on availability).  The packaging boxes and labels are manufactured by factories with the “Imprim Vert” label.  Cardboard and paper are made from FSC wood.  The inks are vegetable natural products and not based on petroleum solvents.  Loesia products are 100% natural, 68% organic, 0% chemical with no animal testing.

Loesia selects its ingredients for their benefits on the skin.  Each lipstick contains ingredients along with natural pigments mainly minerals. Main ingredients used include grapeseed oil for mature and damaged skin which protects against skin aging and its emollient; plum oil that has softening properties and is antioxidant; olive oil that nourish hydrate sensitive skin; beeswax that is rich in vitamin A, retains water, moisturize, and nourish skin and shea butter that contains vitamin A, D, E, F that prevents skin dryness and soften skin.

Catherine Lam, the founder, like one out of three French people have skin issue.  She has eczema and it is difficult for her to find beauty products suitable for her epidermis.  Sensitive to the protection of the planet, it is unfortunate that most cosmetics are mainly composed by synthetic ingredients or from elements cultivated far from the country.  After making this observation, Catherine decided to formulate her first lipsticks using the maximum number of organic and natural elements produced in France.

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