Founded in 2009, niin handcrafts nature’s treasures to create original jewelry and accessories, with sustainable, ethical practices and women empowerment as its core. niin's collections often tell a story of spiritual strength, love, and faith in humanity to move towards a more conscious way of living.  niin's production team works their magic with their designs to bring NIIN's eco-chic style to life by using driftwood sourced from local communities in the Philippines, discarded abalone shells collected from Hong Kong restaurants, and furniture factory seconds.

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Having sourced artisans’ workshops with unique skills and techniques, niin works with mainly family-run businesses to create quality finished designs.  It is through years of research and development that have allowed NIIN to secure contracts with production teams across Southeast Asia. Through these long-standing relationships, niin is able to use non-traditional materials and off-cuts to create their unique design aesthetic.

niin also give back to the Philippine communities by educating them on sustainable production through vocational training program and providing them employment opportunities in NIIN's expanding manufacturing capabilities.

Highly curated and designed in-house, niin's designer, Jeanine draws inspiration from the natural environment and the materials available to her.  More recently finding inspiration in her family and her desire to provide a better world for future generations, Jeanine’s work emits a positive energy and strong sense of place, production, artisans including craftsmanship in all its forms.

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