Peerie Tea

Peerie Tea

Collaborating with small farms well-established generations after generations from across Yunnan, India and Taiwan, Peerie Tea is a local boutique tea company which proudly set foot in Hong Kong. Their focus is to produce fine artisan teas.

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For the past two years, Ketty and Peter are the souls behind Peerie Tea in Hong Kong. Their close ties with farmers and producers allow them to reflect their passion through this fine brand. Promoting loose leaf teas for their refined, artisan and most sustainable tea drinking experience, Peerie Tea is an advocate for giving back to independent tea estate communities.  

Creating with and putting local ingredients forward, Peerie Tea is modernising tea and bringing the finest, handcrafted teas from farm to cup. Peerie Tea focuses on emphasising where their teas are from; educating people about the process of tea-making from farm to cup; creating tea blends/infusions that are 100% natural and preservative-/chemical-free; and bringing people joy and positivity to their living. 

Peerie tea creates blends and infusions from scratch locally in Hong Kong, making sure the end product is free from chemical preservatives, artificial flavourings, gluten, dairy and refined sugar. They source fruits, herbs, spices and flowers in Hong Kong to support local markets.


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