1006 P NAVY® CHAIR (Hand Polished)


1006 P NAVY® CHAIR (Hand Polished)

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1006 Navy Collection | Designed by US Navy | Introduced in 1944 | Manufactured in United States

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First built for use on submarines in 1944, the Navy Chair has been in continuous production ever since. With the famous 77 step Process, our craftsmen take soft, recycled aluminum, hand form and weld it- then temper it for strength. Finally, the chair is anodized for a durable finish.  We guarantee the Navy Chairs for life.

It takes eight hours to hand polish each piece of Emeco furniture. Each item will exhibit slight variations of handcraft.  There is no coating on Emeco’s hand polished items and they will begin to patina immediately upon use. Polished aluminum is non-corrosive and does not tarnish.

Width measurements are as follows: 15.5” / 39cm
Depth measurements are as follows: 19.5” / 50cm
Height measurements are as follows: 34” / 86cm
Seat Height measurements are as follows: 18” / 46cm
Weight measurements are as follows: 7lb / 3.2kg
Material details are as follows: Recycled Aluminum - Hand Brushed or Hand Polished
Carbon Footprint details are as follows: 14.88 kg CO2e
Warranty detail is as follows: Lifetime warranty
Strength & Stability Test details are as follows: ANSI/BIFMA X5.1
Fire Retardant details are as follows: Aluminum is naturally fireproof
Outdoor Use warranty details are as follows: Brushed finish suitable, Polished finish only recommended for protected outdoor environments.
Standard Glides details are as follows: Soft Plastic (TPU) Glides

To keep your polished chairs shining brightly use an ordinary car wax. Do not use abrasive cleansers, pads or brushes on hand polished aluminium.

Heavy-duty dirt or oil - we recommend Emeco Clean & Shine, which can be ordered from customerservice@emeco.net. Alternatively, use very hot water and strong soap, followed by a soft, lint free towel.

Light scratches - high quality aluminum polish with buffing pads in a circular pattern (available at most hardware stores). Follow by a light polish of cornstarch with a very soft cloth.

Windex® or similar spray cleaner, with or without bleach followed by a soft, lint free towel. Wash any film or residue with hot water. Do not use Stainless Steel cleaner on any aluminum furniture.

Cleaning Emeco Furniture — https://emeco.centracdn.net/client/dynamic/articles/cleaningemecofurniture_4172.pdf
Environmental VOC Certification Clean Air Gold Seating — https://emeco.centracdn.net/client/dynamic/articles/emeco_environmentalvoccertificationcleanairgold_seating_7722.pdf
Healthier Hospitals Document — https://emeco.centracdn.net/client/dynamic/articles/emeco_healthierhospitals_2020_2233.pdf
2D PDF — https://emeco.centracdn.net/client/dynamic/articles/navy-1006_8617.pdf
2D CAD — https://emeco.centracdn.net/client/dynamic/articles/emeco_navy_chair_1006_byu-s-navy-3d-view_7671.dwg
3D CAD — https://emeco.centracdn.net/client/dynamic/articles/1006-navy-chair-2d-cad_4522.zip
Revit — https://emeco.centracdn.net/client/dynamic/articles/emeco_navy_chair_1006_by-usnavy_2029.rfa
HPD — https://emeco.centracdn.net/client/dynamic/articles/publish_423_1006_navy_collection_1525988027_7489.pdf
Product Brochure pdf — https://emeco.centracdn.net/client/dynamic/articles/navybrochure_2020_june_1784.pdf
Test Certificate Ansi/Bifma X5.1-02 — https://emeco.centracdn.net/client/dynamic/articles/1006-navy-ansi-bifma-x51-02_3549.pdf