SEN Plastic (Black)


SEN Plastic (Black)

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Sen is a stackable chair. It has two recycled plastic shells on a framework of recycled steel wire. « The Sen chair is a metal cord strung like a branch on which sits a wooden leaf. It has been carefully worked to afford the maximum in both comfort and good posture. » Designer : A+A Cooren

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Sen is made of 93,7% recycled materials.

Frame in recycled metal - black (9011)
Seat and back rest in post consumption recycled plastic - black

Dimensions and weight are as follows:
L 58 x W 53,5 x H 76 cm; 7Kg (per chair).

It is recommended to regularly clean every NOMA product and remove dust with a soft and clean cloth slightly dampened. Process to clean the materials one by one, protecting others as necessary. Unhook the seats for cleaning if possible. Put cleaning products on a soft white cotton cloths or soft, clean, lint-free sponges and never directly on the chair. Test the products on a hidden part of the chair. Dab stains from the edge to the centre so they do not spread out. Remove any splashed.

Avoid heavy rubbing and cutting; avoid abrasive, scouring and stripping products as well as acids, bleach bases and harsh chemicals to clean NOMA products. Do not use polishing products (wax, silicone base, etc) nor strong solvents (pure alcohol, acetone, trichlorethylene, etc). Do not wash or rinse with “plenty of water” as water can penetrate the padding through the seams. Avoid any contact with solvents and concentrated alcohols so as not to make the coatings porous.